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  • Field fences are used as barriers for feeding animals in agriculture and grassland

    Field fences used for feeding deersField fence is widely used in many areas, such as from the gardening to the municipal, from the factory to the workshop, from private residences to public venues, etc. Field fences uses is different under different situations.

    Fence at ranch, farms and grassland using:
    Field fences are mainly used for barriers in ranch construction, grazing and feeding of animals in agriculture farm and grassland fence;
    Used for protection of natural environment;
    For households, cages, kennels, farms growing small animals and birds;
    Can be used in perimeter fence;
    Even used in major cultural relics sites, military facilities, prisons, detention centers and the other with fence and walls place.

    Our wire fence, poles and other accessory can be supplied separately and allow on site assemble according to the areas. It is flexibility in installation and suitable for varies construction sites.

    Hot products
    6' high, about 6" mesh, preferably black or green high tensile field fencing.
    C8/80/15 x 50M galvanised hinged joint stock\field fence.
    Sheep wire netting 8/80/15 H/T netting, 2.5mm all wires, horizontal wire 1000/1100n and vertical 500n, hot dip galvanised, in 100m rolls, also barbed wire 75mm spacing, 2.5mm wires low carbon steel, 200m rolls. V-mesh 50” Height, 50 m roll, horizontal wire gauge 12.5, vertical wire gauge 14.
    Hot dip galvanised sheep netting with straining kinks.
    Galvanized or black steel grassland fence for sheep and wild animals, top and bottom wire diameter 2.5mm, inner wire diameter 2.0mm, mesh size 15-14-13-11-10-8-6cm (from top to bottom), height 1.4m - 1.8m.

    Braided (not welded) field fence 200/25/15
    Zn not less than 180g/m2;
    Top and bottom wires – 2.5mm ( +/- 0.12mm), (wire's strength not less than 400kG/wire);
    Other wires – 2.0mm ( +/- 0.12mm), (wire's strength not less than 350kG/wire);
    Space between vertical wires – 15cm;
    Spacing between horizontal wires from top 3 × 20cm, 2 × 15cm, 3 × 10cm, 16 × 5cm;

    Braided field fence (not welded) 160/20/15
    Zn not less than 180g/m2;
    Top and bottom wires – 2.0mm ( +/- 0.09mm), (wire's strength not less than 350kG/wire);
    Other wires – 1.6mm ( +/- 0.09mm), (wire's strength not less than 200kG/wire);
    Space between vertical wires – 15cm;
    Spacing between horizontal wires from top 1 × 20cm, 2 × 15cm, 6 × 10cm, 10 × 5cm;

    Square Deal Field Fence

    Square Deal Knot Field Fence is commonly called S knot field fence because it has s-shaped knot. It is a type of non-climb field fence, in which uses a separate piece of wire to attach the line wire to the solid stay wire.

    V-Mesh Fence

    V -Mesh fence is constructed by continuously interweaving (not by simply welding or joint knotting) vertical wires with horizontal cable. V-Mesh horse fencing made from glavanized 12.5 gauge to 16 gauge high tensile wires.

    HeBei Field Fence Co.,Ltd.

    HeBei Field Fence Co.,Ltd. imageHeBei Field Fence Co. manufacturers high quality field fence products including cattle fence, sheep and goat fencing, horse fence, and deer fence. Our field fence is in the following knot styles: diamond mesh fence, square deal knot, hinge joint knot, fixed knot and ringlock fencing. Livestock panel and cattle panels made from welded heavily galvanized high tensile wire, and galvanized fencing posts install field fence needed are offered by us. Our products are of market leading quality and offered at guaranteed low prices. Learn More »