Deer Fence

Poly deer fence and high tensile fixed knot deer fence for protecting gardens and landscape from deer, in 6ft. × 330ft. and 7.5ft. × 300ft.

Field Fence

Field fence is ideal wire fence for farm and ranch keeping horse, deer, sheep and goats. available in hinge joint knot, fixed knot and s knot field fencing

Cattle Fence

Cattle fence is one type of field fence or livestock fence. Cattle fence is used for grassland, breeding, forestry, site fencing or isolation of sites or projects.

Camel Fence

Fixed knotted camel fence from high tensile galvanized wire, high 1.9m, gap between vertical drop wires 600mm, top and bottom wires 3.50mm, 9 line wires

Livestock fencing panel

Livestock fence panels are welded rod panels made of heavy duty steel rods for keeping various types of livestock animals in and predators out.

Road Fence

Road fence with wire diameter 3.5mm, galvanized wire spacing 50mm,barbed tape 450mm diameter, guard rail 1.5m high, tension wire 3.5mm galvanized

Grassland Fence

Grassland fence is made with high strength galvanized iron wire, width and length available. With flat mesh surface, good toughness, it is widely used in grass field, forest center.

V-Mesh Horse Fencing

Our V-mesh horse fencing from galvanized 12.5 - 16 gauge high tensile wires, strong and durable. When install V-mesh fence with galvanized or wood posts.

Diamond Mesh Horse Fencing

Diamond mesh horse fencing with height 127cm, length per roll 50.29m, per roll 113kg, horizontal wire gauge 12.5 (2 ply cable), vertical wire gauge 10.

Sheep and Goat Fencing

Sheep fencing and goat fencing in varies styles ringlock fencing, hinged joint and fixed knot fence. Sheep and goat fence staples, strainers, post offered

Square Deal Field Fence

Square Deal Knot Field Fence called S knot field fence because it has s-shaped knot. It is a type of non-climb field fence, in which uses a separate piece of wire to attach the line wire to the solid stay wire.

High Tensile Field Fence

High Tensile Field Fence combines the familiar hinge joint knot with high tensile steel. This field fencing stronger and installs faster and with fewer posts.

Hinge Joint Fencing

Hinge joint fencing has four wrap hinge joint, in which two vertical stay wires wrap together to from hinged joint, protecting jumping animals like deers, horses and cow

Horse fence

Non-climb horse fence and fixed knot horse fence is offered made of galvanized high tensile wire. 50 inch × 165ft. 58 inch × 165ft. 72 inch × 100ft.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link field fence with finishes- aluminum, galvanized, PVC coated is used as field fence in feeding agriculture, grassland, hilly and so on.

Fixed Knot Field Fence

Fixed knot fence as field fencing to protect cattle such as deer horse and cow, sheep and goats. Fixed knot fencing also as grassland fence and farm fencing

Sand Fence

Sand fence is to attach GI high tensile wire fencing panels to galvanized steel posts. Sand fencing has 0.80m buried in the ground and 1.90m above ground.

Corral Panels

Corral panels feature portable galvanized tubular structure, are ideal for confining livestock animals and separating riding and traveling areas.

Vineyard Post

PVC or hot dipped galvanized vineyard post is widely used in vineyard, orchard, farmland and other fields to make grape and other plants grow healthily.

358 Mesh Fence

358 mesh fence with galvanized or power coating is anti-climbing, anti-cutting, anti-corrosion for higher site security such as airport, prison and factory.

Anti-Intruder Mesh Fence

Anti-intruder chain link fence and welded wire mesh fence are anti-climbing and anti-corrosion for higher site security such as airport, roadway and factory.

High-Tensile Fence and Trellis Wire

High-tensile fence and trellis wire has high elastic limit and rust resistance, and is suitable for animals like sheep, cattle, rabbits and chickens and others.

Steel Palisade Fence

Steel palisade fence is significant for schools, parks, industrial sites, railways and where possibility of access to buildings, sports and other facilities.

Expanded Metal Security Fence

Expanded metal security fence are significant for anti-climb and protection in commercial, industrial, institutional sites and where possibility of malevolent incursion.

Welded Wire Security Fence

Welded wire security fence with galvanized, PVC coated surface has high strength, stability and longer service life, used for farm, house, road, plant fencing.

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