10/12.5 gauge high tensile field fence, fixed knot cattle fence, horse fence, game fence, with class 3 zinc coating or zinc aluminum alloy painted.

Chainlink fence, barbed wire, steel poles and chain link gates are widely use in mobile phone base station, here is the material details.

High strength staylock deer fence is used as hunting fencing or animal fencing for farm grassland. Staylock deer fence 15/150/15 for Australian farm here.

Here is the details of s knot fence for New Zealand farm, 8 line wires lamb fencing, 12 and 13 line wires horse fencing, 13 line wires deer fencing.

Equestrian fence, V mesh horse fencing, sheep wire netting, galvanized livestock metal fence panels, and max-tight field fence are all in our range.

Field fence for french market includes S knot field fence, deer fence, chain link fencing, rail panel, welded wire mesh panel, woven wire fence.

HDG Fixed knot field fence, and high tensile fixed knot deer fence and grassland fence for customer based in Australia.

Hinge joint field fence and fixed knot joint field fence inquiry from a power plant service company based on Thailand.

Hinge knotted mesh fence from galvanized wire or PVC wire, different sizes suitable for different animals, such as sheep, cattle, horse and deer.

In this article, we will show you installation methods of three types effective metal fencing to avoid wild boars through.

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