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3D – 358 Mesh Fence

3D 358 mesh fence, also called 3D security mesh fence is similar to 358 mesh fence, and they are both made from 4.0 mm wire in 12.7 × 76.2 mm mesh pattern. But 3D security fence enhances its appearance with pressed horizontal "V" shaped bending. It is a unique barrier solution which combines high level of safety and aesthetic appearance.

  • Higher security level than 358 mesh fence.
  • Stronger structure to prevent being damaged.
  • Better aesthetic appearance than other security fence.
  • Special discount for large orders or projects.
  • Standard 358 mesh fence available.
  • 2D 358 mesh fence can be supplied.

2D – 358 Mesh Fence

3D mesh fence has a bending appearance.


Table 1: 3D Security Mesh Fencing Specifications
Panels Post
Item Fence Height Panel Size (Height × Width) Number of Beams Length Types and Fixings
Interior Corner
(m) (mm) (number) (mm) Types (mm) Fixings Types (mm) Fixings
EZ3583D-01 2.0 2000 × 2515 2 2700 80 × 60× 2.0 RHS 6 80 ×80×2.5 SHS 12
EZ3583D-02 2.4 2400 × 2515 3 3100 80 × 60× 2.0 RHS 7 80×80×2.5 SHS 14
EZ3583D-03 3.0 3000 × 2515 3 3800 80 × 80× 2.5 SHS 10 80×80×2.5 SHS 20


  • Beautiful appearance to blend with surrounding environments.
  • Higher strength supplies better durability and longevity.
While installing 358 fence, fixing clamp bar with post by bolt and overlapping an opening distance.

Clamp bars installation can fix adjacent two panels strongly.

When installing 3D mesh fence, using bolt to link post and metal clips.

Metal clips installation can provide a reasonable level of security to any boundary.



Usually, 3D security fencing is recommended for schools, recreational areas, hospitals, railways, port, airport, warehouses and industrial facilities or commercial facilities.

3D galvanized welded mesh fence with metal posts achieves an integral rating of A in commercial, domestic, residential, healthy, industrial, educational aspects.

3D mesh fence is installed outside the factory.

3D mesh fence is used outside the factory for higher aesthetic appearance and security applications.

3D mesh fence is installed as the security wall between road and grassland.

3D mesh fence is used on the road for security and division.