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Welded Wire Security Fence – High Strength and Stability

Welded wire security fence is perimeter barrier for high level security fence project. With galvanized or PVC coated surface, it is corrosion and rust resistant. Compared with general welded wire fence, the security fence has higher strength and rigidity to resist hard weather and has longer service life. It is widely used for farm fencing, house fencing, road fencing, plant fencing and so on.

  • Different heights options.
  • HDG or PVC coated finish for choice.
  • Suitable for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Various types for different security grade needs.
  • Special discount for large orders and projects.
  • Barbed wires and razor wires can be supplied along with fence.
  • All accessories are included.
A galvanized welded wire security fence of high height and small mesh size is finger-proof and accompanied by razor wire.


  • Material: high quality low carbon steel wire, iron wire, stainless steel wire.
  • Composition: posts, rails, fittings, razor barbed wire.
  • Dipped wire diameter: 3 mm – 5.8 mm.
  • Maximum size: 2300 mm × 3000 mm.
  • Surface treatment: hot-dip or cold galvanized, PVC coated.
  • PVC color: dark green, olive green, brown, black.
  • Framework
    • Rails: top, bottom, intermediate or brace rails.
    • Posts: gateposts, line posts and terminal posts.
  • Fittings: nuts, thread, bolts, washer, clips, etc.
  • Topping
    • Barbed wire: 12-4-3-14R or 12-4-5-14R.
    • Barbed tape obstacles
      • 18, 24 in. Single coil helical;
      • 18, 24, 30, 40, 60 in. single coil concertina;
      • 24, 30 in. double coil concertina.
  • Package
    • In general, use moisture-proof paper or waterproof film for roll package.
    • If necessary, woven bags or sacks and wrapped tapes are used for package.
    • Light pipe tray and wooden pallet can be used to package the fences for ship transport.
Table 1 Recommended Mesh Size and Wire Gauge for Welded Wire Security Panels
Item Mesh Opening (in.) Wire DiameterGauge Panel Width for Post Spacing 6, 7, 8, and 10 ft. (in.) Panel Height (ft.)
WSF01 0.5 × 2 11 74, 86, 98, 122 6–21
WSF02 0.5 × 3 10.5 74, 87, 99, 123 6–21
WSF03 0.5 × 3 9 74, 87, 99, 123 6–21
WSF04 0.5 × 3 8.5 74, 87, 99, 123 6–21
WSF05 0.5 × 3 6 74, 87, 99, 123 6–21
WSF06 0.75 × 3 4 74, 87, 99, 123 6–21


  • Provide greater levels of security.
  • Beautiful in appearance.
  • Not rust, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali.
  • Easy to transport and install.
  • Simple to maintain
  • Long service life


  • Farm fencing.
  • House fencing.
  • Road fencing.
  • Plant fencing.
  • Airport fencing.
  • Highway fencing.
  • Military site fencing.
  • Industrial site fencing.
A welded wire mesh combining barbed razor wire separates industrial machines from outside world.

Welded wire security fence is widely used for industrial facilities fencing.

With razor wire topping, a dark green PVC coated welded wire fence is installed between farm and road.

Welded wire security fence is widely used for farm fencing.

A green welded fence separates a piece of grassland to form a football field.

Welded wire security fence is widely used for football field fencing.

A green welded wire security fence with razor wire is installed between the road and rural area.

Welded wire security fence is widely used for road fencing.

A dark green PVC coated welded wire security fence is installed surrounding the building.

Welded wire security fence is widely used for building fencing.

A security welded wire fence separates the area of trees and a road.

Welded wire security fence is widely used for plant fencing.