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Corral Panels for Keeping Horses, Cattle and Sheep

Corral panels refer to large pens that used to fencing horses, cattle, sheep and various livestock animals.

Made of quality hot dipped galvanized or powder coating steel tubing, our corral panels are portable and strong with excellent corrosion and rust resistance.

  • Suit both American and Australian markets
  • HDG or PVC coated materials
  • China direct sale for wholesale price
  • Special discount for large orders
  • Ideal for horses, cattle and sheep
  • Square, round or oval tubes options
A horse in a large pen made of oval tube corral panels.


  • Material: quality steel tubing
  • Frame finish: hot dipped zinc coating or PVC coated
  • Pipe thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Round pipe: 25 mm, 32 mm, 42 mm
  • Square pipe: 40 mm × 40 mm, 50 mm × 50 mm
  • Oval pipe: 30 mm × 60 mm, 40 mm × 80 mm, 40 mm × 120 mm
  • Height: up to 2.7 m (1.2 m with three rails, 1.6 m with five rails, 1.8 m with six rails)
  • Width: 2 m to 3.5 m or others upon request
A horse in a pen made of round pipe corral panels

Round pipe corral panels

Several cattle in the oval pipe corral panel pens.

Oval pipe corral panels

Several cattle in round pen made of square pipe corral panels.

Square pipe corral panels



  • Robust structure. High quality material and fully welding at each intersection make the panel extremely durable and anti-broken.
  • Easy to handle. Taking advantages of hollow tubular frame, our corral panels are portable, easy to handle and transport.
  • Easy to install. Various connection systems as shown in the right picture make corral panels easy to install only by one person without tools.
  • Long service life. Hot dipped zinc coating or PVC coating make the panel extremely resistant to rust, corrosion and UV and capable to withstand years of outdoor use.
  • High cost effectiveness. Our corral panels can provide you years of service and minimal maintenance at the lowest cost.
A detail of welding spot of corral panels.

Full welding guarantee durability and longevity.

A detail shows quick pins of corral panels.

Quick pin for firm and efficient installation.



  • Confining livestock and keep predators out.
  • Temporary horse stalls.
  • Building square or round pens.
  • Separating a place for horse riding or traveling.
  • Building ground maintenance.
  • Horse rodeos and arenas.
  • Protect pastoral grasslands, meadows, trees from degradation.
  • Perimeter delineating.
A horse in the round pen made of green corral panels.

For horse

several cattle in the round pen made of galvanized corral panels.

For cattle

Several sheep in the round pen made of galvanized corral panels.

For sheep



  • Fence panels. wrapped with plastic film and placed in wood or metal pallet.
  • Small hardware. plastic bags and carton box.
  • Other custom package methods are also available upon your request.
Several bundles of corral panels in the warehouse.

Corral panels in warehouse.

Several corral panels and accessories in the container.

Corral panels and accessories in container