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Premium Quality of Meal Deer Fences – Keep Deer & Animal Out

The deer fences can be ranges from 6 feet up to 15 feet. 6 feet is not popular because the deer may leap over them and the fence height higher than 10 feet is too expensive to ship, install and maintain. So the most popular is 7 to 8 feet.

Deer fence have poly fence and steel fences. Compared with poly fences, the steel wire deer fencing is less visibility. Stronger and higher strength structure protect farm, garden and orchard from being damaged by deer and large animals.

Several deer on the grassland and enclosed by fixed knot field fence.

Three Types Of Steel Wire Deer Fencing



Height or width is a vital factor while you are selecting deer fences. White-tailed deer can jump almost eight feet high. If its population is heavy in your area, you should pay more attention to the upright height of the deer fencing. Or you can choose a shorter, slanted fence with 45-degree angle or add a few strands on top for extra height.