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Best Black PVC Coated Steel Hexagrid Deer Fence

Steel Wire Hex Deer fence, also called metal hex deer fencing, is made of metal coated with black PVC, which is the best deer fencing. It is less visible, longer lasting and stronger than polyprolene deer fencing.

The hexagonal metal deer fencing is ideal for those experiencing high deer pressure, damage from chewing, or those wanting a permanent, longer lasting fence.

  • Galvanized steel wire coated with black PVC
  • 1" hexagonal meshes protect fence against small animal attack
  • Strong hexagrid structure ends all penetrations
  • Plenty tall to effectively exclude white tail and other deer
  • 20 gauge wire is much thinner for low visibility
  • Maintain More than 20 years – twist the expected life of polypropylene deer fence

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A deer is blocked off by steel wire hex deer fence.


  • Material: black PVC coated galvanized wire.
  • Wire gauge: 20 gauge, 20.5 gauge
  • Mesh size: 1"
  • Height: 4', 5', 6', 7.5' and 8'
  • Length: 100' or 150'
Data sheet of Hexagonal Metal Deer Fencing
Item Wire Gauge Mesh Size Height Length
EZDFH-01 20 gauge 1" 4' 150'
EZDFH-02 20 gauge 1" 5' 150'
EZDFH-03 20 gauge 1" 6' 150'
EZDFH-04 20 gauge 1" 7.5' 100'
EZDFH-05 20 gauge 1" 8' 100'
Note: 4', 5' and 6' is only for reinforce fencing on the bottom.


  • 1" small holes supply strong and rigid structure.
  • Black PVC coated galvanized wire is corrosion and rust resistance for longevity.
  • Different height ranges satisfy all purpose including 8' high fence or 4' bottom attached fences.
  • Less visibility to blend with surrounding environments.
  • More than 20 years of lifespan save your costs and maintenance.
A detail of small holes of steel wire hexagonal deer fencing

Small holes is strong and rigid for high strength and durability.

A roll of black PVC coated steel wire hex deer fencing on gray background.

Black PVC coated galvanized wire fits for extremely harsh environments.



  • The steel wire hex deer fencing can be used individually to defend deer and other animals.
  • It can be attached bottom of the fences to prevent small animals chewing and digging.
Black steel wire hex deer fencing is surrounding the orchard.

Steel wire hex deer fencing in orchard.

Black steel wire hex deer fencing is surrounding the garden.

Steel wire hex deer fencing in garden.