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Steel U Post – Light Duty to Heavy Duty

Steel U channel post is popular in American markets. It is made of galvanized and powder painter steels. It has U-channel reinforcement for maximum strength to support plants, fences and signs in a wide range of applications.

  • Light duty to heavy duty options.
  • 3' to 8' height options for your different needs.
  • Special discount for MOQ 100 pcs.
  • Large stocks for standard sizes.
  • Ideal for garden, farm and vineyard.
A piece of green steel U channel post on the white background.


  • Material: galvanized steel.
  • Surface: powder painted.
  • U-shape cross section size: 1-1/8" W × 14 gauge thickness.
  • Anchor plate size: 5/8" thickness × 1" × 3-3/4".
  • Hole size: 1/32".
  • Hole spacing: 6".
  • Length: 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7 ft, 8 ft.
  • Weight: light duty to heavy duty.
Table 1: Technical Data of Steel U Channel Posts
Item Type Weight (lbs/ft) Length (ft) package
EZPU-01 Light duty 0.5 3 10 pcs/bundle, 200 pcs/pallet
EZPU-02 Light duty 0.5 4 10 pcs/bundle, 200 pcs/pallet
EZPU-03 Light duty 0.5 5 10 pcs/bundle, 200 pcs/pallet
EZPU-04 Light duty 0.5 6 10 pcs/bundle, 200 pcs/pallet
EZPU-05 Heavy duty 0.85 3 5 pcs/bundle, 100 pcs/pallet
EZPU-06 Heavy duty 0.85 4 5 pcs/bundle, 100 pcs/pallet
EZPU-07 Heavy duty 0.85 5 5 pcs/bundle, 100 pcs/pallet
EZPU-08 Heavy duty 0.85 6 5 pcs/bundle, 100 pcs/pallet


  • U channel reinforcement for maximum strength to support steel fences or plants.
  • Anti-corrosive surface protect posts from corrosion, rust and erosion.
  • Riveted anchor spade for further reinforcement.
  • Tabs and holes alternate starting with a clip near the top.
  • Post is excellent for farm and residential applications.
A detail of riveted anchor spade of steel U channel post.

Riveted anchor spade for high stability

A detail of tab and hole on steel U channel post.

Tabs and holes for easy fixation

A detail of pointed bottom of steel U channel post.

Pointed bottom for easy installation

A detail of U channel cross section of steel U channel post.

U shape for maximum strength



  • It is ideal for lightweight, temporary fencing around trees, bushes, flowers and gardens.
  • Support wire mesh fences.
  • Secure agricultural fencing for keeping livestock in and predators out.
  • Support the garden trellis.
  • Support plants.
  • Fasten signs
Steel U channel posts are supporting hardware cloth in the garden.

Support hardware cloth.

A green steel U channel post is supporting chicken wire in the garden.

Support chicken wire