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Cattle Fence Suitable for Farms, Game Reserves, National Parks

Cattle fence is one type of field fence best suited for large areas. If you breed deer, cattle, horse, sheep and other animals, cattle fence is the best choice as borders in the fields and grassland. Cattle fence can help keep your livestock in where they belong and protect them from the violation of any outside predators.

  • Hinge joint & fixed knot fence options.
  • HDG material for all harsh environments.
  • Different heights options for all your needs.
  • Special discount for large orders and projects.
  • Barbed wire can be supplied along with fence.
  • Cattle Corral panels can be supplied.
  • Livestock fencing panels for cattle are also in stock.
A cow on the grassland and in the cattle fence area.


  • Material: quality galvanized steel wires.
  • Types: hinge joint fence and fixed knot fence.
  • Height: 0.6–3.0 m.
A detail of hinge joint of cattle fence.

Hinge joint cattle fence.

A detail of fixed knot of cattle fence.

Fixed knot cattle fence.

Recommended types of fixed knot fence with different spacing for cattle
Table 1: Common Specifications of Fixed Knot Cattle Fence
Types Fence Height Horizontal Wires Spacing of Vertical Wires Where Used Reason
EZFK9/49/6 49" 9 6" Internal & corral fence, high pressure areas 6" spacing for greater strength
EZFK9/49/12 49" 9 12" Boundary & pasture fence, low pressure areas Cost saving with 12" spacing over long distances
EZFK16/61/3 61" 16 3" Corrals, high pressure areas Higher fence, 3" spacing for maximum strength and animal control


  • Simple but strong in structure
  • Easy and little maintenance.
  • short installation period.
  • Less weight but high strength.
  • Easy for transport and good ventilation.
  • Reduced material and labor relative to other types of facilities.


  • Cattle fence is widely used for grassland, breeding, forestry, site fencing or isolation of sites or projects.
  • Cattle fence are best suited to farms, game reserves, national parks, and highway side.
  • Cattle Fence also offers compliance with existing regulations for animal care and the environment.
Three cattle on the grassland and surround with cattle fence.

Cattle fence is ideal for large area to raise cattle.

Several cattle on the grassland and in the cattle fence area.

Farm cattle fence.

Fixed knot fence is surrounding an area and a deer in it.

Cattle fence for deer

Fixed knot fence is surrounding an area and a horse in it.

Cattle fence for horse