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Fixed Knot Deer Fence – 6' to 8' Height Options

Fixed knot deer fence is made of high tensile strength galvanized steel wires with a fixed knot design in variety of heights and spacing. It is the most common and widely used types of deer fence.

It can be attached to nearby trees or columns or be raised with steel posts, such as star pickets or U posts.

  • Sufficient height to withstand deer from jumping.
  • Heavy galvanized material can be used in extremely harsh environments for long time use.
  • Strong fixed design can prevent adult deer from destruction and damage.

Steel Wire Hex Deer Fence Welded Wire Deer Fence

A deer is blocked off by fixed knot deer fence.


  • Material: galvanized high tensile steel wire
  • Mesh diameter: 12-1/2 gauge
  • Selvedge wire diameter: 11 gauge
  • Height range: 6' to 8'
  • Vertical spacing: 3", 6" and 8"
  • Roll length: 165' or 330'
Recommended types of fixed knot fence with different spacing for deer
Table 1: Common Specifications of Fixed Knot Deer Fence
Types Fence Height Horizontal Wires Spacing of Vertical Wires Where Used Reason
EZFK17/75/6 75" 17 6" Internal fence for smaller deer species Lower fences with 6" spacing save on materials costs – deciding factor is jump height of the species in question
EZFK20/96/3 96" 20 3" Breeding & fawn pens, high pressure areas Tighter 3" spacing for greater strength & smaller animal control
EZFK20/96/6 96" 20 6" Boundary fence, medium-to-high pressure Strong, cost-saving 6" spacing
EZFK20/96/12 96" 20 12" Boundary fence, deer exclusion, low pressure areas 12" spacing for economy
EZFK23/120/3 120" 23 3" Breeding & fawn pens, high pressure areas Strongest with 3" spacing
EZFK23/120/6 120" 23 6" Boundary fence, medium to high pressure Strong, cost-saving 6" spacing
EZFK23/120/12 120" 23 12" Boundary fence, deer exclusion, low pressure areas 12" spacing for economy


  • High strength steel wire to withstand the violent impact of deer and other animals.
  • Galvanized steel material is corrosion and rust resistance even in extremely harsh outdoors.
  • Strong fixed knot design is durable and long lifespan.
  • Small spacing on the bottom can prevent small animals form chewing or digging in.
  • 3", 6" and 12" wire spacing satisfy all your needs.
  • 6' to 8' height for different security purpose.
  • Extra strong bottom and top wires to resist predator penetration.
  • Smooth surface without any sharp edge will not hurt deer.
A detail of fixed knot design of deer fencing.

Strong fixed knot protects fence from violent impact and extend the service life of deer fence.

A roll of galvanized fixed knot deer fence.

Galvanized material keep deer fence in good condition even under harshest environments.



  • Fixed knot deer fence is the most widely used and common seen steel wire deer fencing type. It can be installed in the grassland, garden, orchard and farms to protect the crops from deer destroying.
  • Besides, it can be used as the fence barrier of deer to protect the growth of deer and prevent hunting.
Two deer are block by the fixed knot deer fence in the field.

Fixed knot deer fence in field.

A deer can not penetration through the fixed knot deer fence.

Fixed knot deer fence in garden.