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V-Mesh Fence with Galvanized T-Posts Or Wood Posts

V wire mesh fence is regarded as the safest horse fencing, due to it can not only keep predators out while keeping your horses and livestock contained, but can protect hooves or legs from becoming caught in the fence.

All V mesh horse fences are made of galvanized steel wire for durable service life. The continuous weave pattern means no cut wire ends to harm animals.

  • Popular in 12.5 gauge horizontal wire and 14 gauge vertical wire.
  • Standard in 2" × 4" diamond V-mesh.
  • Galvanized steel wires with durable zinc coating for weather resistance.
  • Safer horse fence for alpaca, horse and other livestock.
  • Ideal for stable managers, breeders, veterinarians and horse owners.
Several horses are enclosed by V mesh horse fence.


  • Material: galvanized steel wire.
  • Horizontal wire gauge: 10 gauge to 14 gauge
  • Vertical gauge: 12 gauge, 14 gauge and 16 gauge
  • Line wires: 13 and 15 options.
  • Mesh size: 2" × 4"
  • Height: 42" to 96".
Popular Specifications of V Mesh Horse Fence
Horizontal Gauge Vertical Gauge Line Wires Height (inch) Roll Length (Foot)
10 12 13 42, 50, 58,72, 96 160-300
12 12 13 42, 50, 58,72, 96 160-300
12.5 14 13 42, 50, 58,72, 84, 96 160-300
14 16 15 42, 50, 58,72, 84, 96 100-160

The most popular specifications

  • 10 gauge and 12 gauge V mesh horse fence building a sturdy and safe fence for a new mustang enclosure.
  • V Horse wire 100 feet rolls 48 inch in height form 12.5 gauge and 14 gauge wire for all-weather secured.


  • Stable structure prevent breakage or failure.
  • Closely-woven pattern and knot structure prevent buckling and sagging.
  • Easy to install on flat or hilly terrain
  • Double twisted horizontal wires leave less space for smaller hooves to get caught.
  • Different galvanized coating grade can not only protect fence from rust and corrosion, but increase the longevity of the fence
  • Less maintenance because it flexed when bumped and then returns to its original form.
  • The design also makes it extremely difficult to climb or get a toe-hold which keeps intruders out.


When install our V-mesh wire woven fencing you can chose galvanized t-posts or wood posts. It is suitable for flat terrain and uneven mountain.

 The V mesh horse fence are supported by wooden posts.

Support with wooden posts

The V mesh horse fence are supported by T posts.

Support with T posts



  • V-mesh horse fencing can be used to contain a variety of animals besides horses.
  • It can be used as enclosure fences for sheep & goats, dogs, alpaca and other valuable livestock.
V mesh fences are installed on the grassland.
V mesh fences are supported with wooden post.
Several horses in the farm enclosed by V mesh horse fencing
A horse in the stable enclosed by V mesh fence