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Three methods of wild boars fence installation

field fencing to prevent wild boars, badger and other wild animals entering your field to protect crops, meadows, vineyards, farm areas, and roads, high way. Because wild boars will enter agricultural crops land and vineyards, get food and damage your crops and vineyards. If wild feral boars enter into road, causing extensive damage to the road infrastructure, and will result in very serious accidents.

In this article, we will show you installation methods of three types effective metal fencing to avoid wild boars through.

First method: metal fence partly buried

To build a fence and prevent migration of wild boars, the fencing may be partially buried in the ground. For example, a 210 cm height fencing buried 35 cm deep, and left 175 cm height above ground. This method is effective against wild boars but we lose a little height. So, If you need a fence 210 cm height above ground, you should order 245 cm height fencing, and bury 35 cm into ground. If you need a fence 200 cm height above ground, you should order at least 230 cm height fencing, and bury 30 cm into ground.

Second method: mesh fence add skirt buried

Another option fence to prevent the passage of wild boars is bury a mesh skirt fixed by stitching wire or fence staples to the based fence. This method can maintain the originally height of the base fence, against the boar with 30 cm skirt buried (wild boars can get to dig to a certain depth), thus, avoiding accidents. In major road, highway and rail infrastructure, we will often use these fences avoid boars and other animals access into.

Third method: strengthen the base field fence with another mesh fence

To prevent the passage of feral if we already have a fence, the best option may be to strengthen the fenced at its base. A rigid mesh panel (may be chicken wire mesh or welded wire panels) attached to existing fencing by fence staples or binding wires and bury it in the ground, it would be a good choice.